Real Estate and The Crazy Busy Summer with COVID!

How does a pandemic, economic crisis and psychological meltdown define the housing hustle and bustle this summer? Approximately half of the offers that home buyers have placed on homes were in a multiple offer situation in the past 3 months Interest rates are low and may be under 3% for some qualified buyers Buyers are…

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Is it a good time to SELL? to BUY?

Is it a good time?

We had momentum going into 2020 and it was like a rushing river about to overflow its banks! The virus has interrupted this flow…but only temporarily. So is it a good time to sell? Is it a good time to buy?  The short answer is, it is always a good time if you are ready.…

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Now Serving! Cafe Realty Your Realtor and Local Guide

Community brings us together

Ever since 2013 Cafe Realty has served up real estate services plus community involvement. Community is who we are and we serve you with our local expertise. We guide you through the often daunting real estate process. Firstly, what is Cafe Realty and how is an independent brokerage different? Next, how are we involved with…

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'Twas the night before a Cafe Realty Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and wouldn’t you know, Cafe Realty is working right out in the snow! We educate, advocate, innovate for you because you are special, that’s what we do. We’re Realtors, we’re people and we’re here to stay, we list and we sell all night and all day. Mount Kisco’s our home…

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Is Your Brand Living Up To Its Promise?

Brand School by Julie Cottineau, was my defining moment in the evolution of Cafe Realty and all that our brand has to offer and promise. Julie, through her unique method of “twisting” teaches how to take ideas and  twist them with other brand ideas to gain insight and fresh perspective. It taught me how to…

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Realtors Be Aware…the Mindful Cafe

Check your attitude, judgment and opinions at the door. Upon representing a client whether seller or buyer a neutral, open minded, accepting demeanor sets the tone for the first impression. Like many other first impressions it is what resonates in the client’s memory and will remain throughout the relationship. It is not necessary to speak about your…

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