Cold Spring

Cold Spring is a village in the town of Philipstown in Putnam County. The village, located in the Hudson Highlands, sits across the river from West Point, at the deepest point of the Hudson River. Cold Spring serves as a weekend getaway for residents of New York City.

Main Street is the focal point of a well-preserved National Historic District and is lined with novelty and antique stores, restaurants, residences, our Village Hall and a fire department.  Residents and visitors alike are attracted to the breathtaking surroundings and small town character, where they can enjoy a range of cultural and recreational activities.


The first settler of Cold Spring was Thomas Davenport in 1730. A small trading hamlet grew alongside the river by the early 1800s, and in 1818, Gouverneur Kemble and others established the West Point Foundry. It became one of the major industrial sites in the United States and provided munitions for the Union Army during the Civil War. With the influx of workers at the Foundry, local housing, businesses and churches increased, and Cold Spring was incorporated as a village in 1846.

During the last half of the nineteenth century, Cold Spring was a magnet for artists, writers and prominent families, all attracted to the extraordinary beauty of the Highlands. Great mansions were built along Morris Avenue, including Undercliff, the home of George Pope Morris, and Craigside, the home of Julia and Daniel Butterfield. After the Foundry closed in 1911, Cold Spring’s prominence faded; however, following World II, a rebirth began with an influx of businesses into the Hudson River Valley and commuters to New York City.


Since Cold Spring is known for the West Point Foundry, a great place to stop in for some brunch and coffee is the Foundry Cafe. A small cafe that packs nothing but great food and a playful atmosphere. The food choices range from whole grain to comfort food, a little something for everyone.

Foundry Cafe

Another very popular location to stop into is Moo Moo's Creamery. Also known as the "world's best ice cream shop," Moo Moo's is churning out over 15 flavors of homemade ice cream. They even offer catering for events!

Moo Moos Creamery

Cold Spring is also the home of many antique shops, jewelry shops and boutiques.

Cold Spring Shops


The Village of Cold Spring has 22 local hikes, Breakneck Ridge being the most popular. Considering the setting of the Hudson River, the Village also offers multiple Hudson River expeditions. Post recreation, a perfect spot to relax and picnic is Dockside Park.

Outdoor Activities


Haldane Central School District is the main district for schooling in the Village of Cold Spring. Their mission is to prepare all students to succeed in an ever changing global society.

Haldane Central School District reflects the intimate nature of our community. With a current enrollment of 875 students, K-12, and a faculty numbering 80 teachers, the district consists of an elementary school K-5, a newly formed middle school 6-8 and, and a comprehensive four-year high school. Class sizes range from 15-25 students, a ratio that supports individual initiative and strong community values.

Haldane Central School District


Additional information for the village of Cold Spring, including public safety, government, and resources, can be found on their website.

VIllage of Cold Spring