Mount Kisco

Mount Kisco is located about 36 miles north of New York City. The village has been described variously as the “commercial hub of Northern Westchester,” “the shopping capital of Northern Westchester,” and “the healthcare capital of Northern Westchester.” Mount Kisco is all of these and more. Mount Kisco is truly the heart of Northern Westchester.

Kisco is derived from an Indian word –either kiskamenahook meaning “settlement near a brook” or cisqua meaning “a muddy place.” Mount comes from the 623-foot hill northwest of town.


Mount Kisco was founded in 1850 shortly after the arrival of the railroad. It included two small settlements called Kirbyville and New Castle Corners.

Since 1875, Mount Kisco has been an incorporated Village under the Village Law of the State of New York. One half of the Village laid in the Town of Bedford, and on half laid in the Town of New Castle. In the mid-seventies, the administrations of the two Towns agreed to support the Village’s effort to “secede” from the Towns. Mount Kisco emerged from the Town of Bedford and the Town of New Castle as a coterminous and independent Village/Town of Mount Kisco effective January 1, 1978.

There is a statue named “Chief Kisco” in Mount Kisco. There never was a real person with that name. David F. Gorham gave the statue to Mount Kisco in 1907 as a decorative top to a water fountain. On the base of the pedestal are the words “God’s Only Beverage For Man and Beast.” Chief Kisco rules over the village from his perch at the intersection of Routes 133 and 117.


Mount Kisco is home to many restaurants. Whatever your taste in food there is a good chance it is being served in Mount Kisco.

Mimi's Coffee House is a great addition to Mount Kisco. They offer a relaxing atmosphere, for a place to hang with friends or get some work done, with an excellent cup of coffee.

Mimi's Coffee House

Mast Brothers Cafe is a comfortable space intended for family and community gathering, guests can simply relax or purchase the complete Mast chocolate line of products and seasonal items along with Irving Farm coffees, Rishi teas, LMNOP breads, and an ongoing list of local fare and crafts.

Mast Market

Beehive Designer Collective is a co-operative store featuring a wide array of stylish products by emerging independent artisans and designers. They specialize in handcrafted goods by local and regional designers but they also carry a full range of products including jewelry, accessories, apparel, kids, bath & body and home decor from designers around the country. Their locally based designers rent space and actively participate in the co-op by working at the boutique and planning special events.

Beehive Designer Collective


The farms of Mt Kisco play an important role in the community. Many local businesses and restaurants take advantage of these products.

Cabbage Hill Farm and Foundation is a non-profit organization. They are dedicated to the preservation of historic farm animals and the small farm. They are dedicated to the practice of sustainable agriculture and aquaponics. And they are dedicated to increase awareness through educational model built around a working farm.

Cabbage Hill Farm

Rochambeau Farm, formerly known as Daisy Hill Farm, strives to continue providing the best organic fruits, vegetables, specialty and gourmet products.

  • Everything they sell comes directly from their garden.
  • All of their vegetables are organic, although they are not ‘certified organic’
  • They also carry a great variety of specialty items, unique to their stand.

Rochambeau Farm


The mission of the Mount Kisco Parks and Recreation department is to create a community through people, parks, and programs.

Mount Kisco Recreation

Leonard Park in Mount Kisco features many outdoor activities both seasonable and year round. The park offers walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, sports fields, tennis courts and a pool.


Mount Kisco is part of the Bedford Central School District, which serves students in the Villages of Mount Kisco, Bedford Hills, Bedford Village and Pound Ridge. The district's academic programs are consistently ranked among the country's finest, regularly graduating finalists and semi-finalists for National Merit Scholarships and recipients of Regents scholarships.

Mount Kisco students attend either the Mount Kisco Elementary School or West Patent Elementary School. All students attend the Fox Lane Middle School and High School.

Bedford Central School District


Additional information for the town of Mount Kisco, including public safety, government, and resources, can be found on their website.

Town of Mount Kisco

Chamber of Commerce


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