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Café Realty Joins McGrath Realty Inc to Expand Service and Maximize Talent

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | August 9, 2021 |
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Cafe Realty teams up with the Hudson Valley’s most prominent commercial, land development and luxury brokerage, McGrath Realty Inc. After 8 years in business the community focused Cafe Realty will use their strengths, talents and skills to become the new face of McGrath Realty Inc’s residential services. Café Realty will take the new name The Café Residential Team with long time partners Carol Christiansen, Elisa Bruno-Midili and Walter Sadowski in leadership positions.   

“We were looking to expand yet stay local, independent and community-focused, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!” explains Elisa Bruno-Midili. “Our talents are complementary; our service will be unparalleled; we are better together.” “Both of our companies have passion and integrity for what we do” says Carol Christiansen. 

McGrath Realty Inc. is the Hudson Valley’s premier commercial brokerage firm and specializes in the sale and leasing of office, retail, commercial, industrial and land development properties. Café Realty is a local, independent, community-focused brokerage serving the residential market. The collaboration with McGrath creates a unique and complete full-service brokerage serving residential, commercial, land development, property management and the appraisal sectors of the market. The new office location will be in downtown Mount Kisco, a Westchester County hub for dining, shopping, culture and transportation. 

The Café Residential Team’s mission is clear and purposeful “In all we do we aim to create an educational and stress-free real estate experience. We do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise. We listen and empower our clients and agents to make informed real estate decisions.” 

Real Estate Inventory Insanity Affects Us All!

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | April 22, 2021 |
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Real Estate Trends

How did this get so out of control?

What started out as strategic home pricing for sellers to get more than one offer, has exploded into a full scale war involving historically low housing inventory. Bidding on homes for buyers should not be a war. Adapting during the pandemic should not result in damage control. So now this…

When pricing a home for sale, if it is too far below market value it is a disservice to all involved. We must look at all aspects of the home’s market. Trends happening in a particular neighborhood, absorption rate to determine level of inventory, and the pricing of active and pending properties for accelerating market clues. When that home is too far below where it will sell, there are too many offers and too much noise.

It is a known fact that buyers will overpay for something that they absolutely must have, however, some buyers are not willing. It has been frustrating, and challenging for buyers and buyer’s agents since the asking price is no longer the baseline for the preapproval. It can be as high as 10% greater than their top buying power number! The tactics that buyer’s agents must use for the offering process is now a much more involved conversation. It may sound like this: “The list price is 500K, the sale price could be 550K.” How does the buyer proceed? That’s when you ask an expert!

Due diligence is part of the process and now a word about the appraisal. Comps, what comps? Comparable properties are sometimes non existent. How will an appraiser value this home? Will it appraise? Is this negotiated with the offer? Will the buyer’s attorney agree?

Exhausted, defeated buyer’s agent are in the trenches daily fighting to get their offer in. Listing days on market =1, accepted offer, no more showings? How is this possible? Are listing agents being fair? We do not know what their conversation was with their seller client however this sends a distress signal to the buyers. They are as stressed, disappointed and frustrated as everyone else! It is our responsibility as Realtors to let sellers and buyers know what to expect. It takes extraordinary skill to navigate this war and reassure all participants. Both buyers and sellers need a “team” to show that they are ready, willing and able. Realtor, inspector, attorney, loan officer, title rep must all be in constant communication.

An agent compared this to buying concert tickets back in the day. Show up early, get in line, have your money ready and expect not to get the front row seat! For buyers in this insane market, have a preapproval that is less than 30 days old, have money in reserves to combat low appraisals, line up the inspectors, the attorney and be sure that you are flexible with closing. Sound like the perfect storm? It may very well be and this is still no guarantee!

Want to learn more about how to approach this market? Contact us for the latest on the market! 914-666-7792.



Elisa Bruno-Midili is a co-founder and partner at Cafe Realty. She is also a Score Certified Small Business Mentor and advocate for collaboration. Knowledge, expertise and strategy is backed by a 34 year real estate career. Click here for my Instacard

1 YEAR LATER: Cafe Realty Emerges Energized for 2021

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | March 12, 2021 |
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OR How an independent brokerage remains relevant and communicates value to customers and agents alike in a continuously changing environment.

You may ask the question “Does an independent brokerage have the same tools at their disposal as a well-funded competitor? And the answer is yes!

Café Realty has the technology necessary to service our clients and agents in a personal and customized way. The leveraging of powerful brands to systemize operations and optimize marketing is carefully chosen and implemented.

Sellers and buyers have access to digital presentations, documents and links to online forms in their listing program.

Agents who are looking for a better fit to elevate and organize their business have VIP access to the suite of systems for productivity, tracking, marketing and analytics.

The independent model is not for everyone, it is for those who believe in and want to support small, local independent businesses. We are 2/3rds women owned and uphold our code of ethics, fair housing and anti-discrimination laws.

 Sellers – We get you more and in less time, anyone can say it, we are confident that we can do it. Buyers – We artfully negotiate and navigate you through the offering process.

 It is 2021 and Cafe Realty has been upgraded, connected and energized to serve you and your real estate needs.

Elisa Bruno-Midili is the co-founder and partner at Cafe Realty. She is also a Score Certified Small Business Mentor and advocate for collaboration.


2021 A Year to Look Up and Move Forward

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | February 3, 2021 |
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Yes, we have had some traumatic experiences getting through 2020…is 2021 your year to make a move?

The real estate industry and technology is moving faster than ever before, 5 years worth in the last 6-12 months! Here is a bite from Inman Connect Now, (a series of fully digital events that bring together the real estate community to network, learn and grow).

 “I see the beginnings of a new housing dynamism that began last year and will flourish in years to come. Today in what the Economist calls a dawn of technological optimism we see the benefits of innovation. For ten years, the pace of innovation underwhelmed many of us. Before 2020, we applied innovation to problems that we did not know we even had. Then last year, we innovated because we had no other choice. We did in six months what would have taken 5 years. Adversity often forces societies to advance. Faster growth and higher living standards are now within our reach.

The booming investment in technology is the first reason for optimism. In the second and third quarters of 2020 America’s private sector spent more on computers, software and R&D than on buildings and industrial gear for the first time in over a decade.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in real estate where billions have been invested in every corner of the real estate process, working out all of the kinks, making the process smoother for everyone.” ~Brad Inman

 These are my thoughts on how we will move forward in 2021 with optimism:

  • Single family home sales are rising at the fastest pace since 2006!
  • This winter will be the best ever in pending sales
  • Home sales will increase by 6-7%
  • Price growth in our market will be 5-6%
  • Interest rates will average around 3-4%
  • Inventory will remain low
  • Mortgages in forbearance is a thing to watch
  • Millennial and Gen Z buyers need and desire education and guidance about financing and options to become homeowners
  • Office space will continue to be off limits as brokerages continue to adapt to covid precautions and work remotely
  • Referrals of people leaving the area will increase due to the exodus of people to suburbs and exurbs and into a different market
  • Where will I go will still be a questions for sellers  
  • Video will prevail in education and marketing
  • Original content will be the one thing that boosts lead generation and auto posting content will be largely ignored by algorithms
  • LinkedIn will prove to be the #1 social site for connections and engagement for real estate professionals
  • Storytelling is a critical part of marketing and self promotion and engages the target audience for important connections

“We expect single-family construction to move up 9% in 2021 — a much-needed relief valve for homebuyers,” said Danielle Hale, chief economist at “While buyer demand has slowed since December, it remains notably higher than one year ago, giving builders a strong incentive to keep building.”

 “Between 2020 and 2040, Hispanic households will grow by 8.6 million, households of other races (mostly Asian households) will grow by 4.8 million, and Black households will grow by 3.4 million. White households will decline by 0.6 million. ~ The Urban Institute

 Making a move in 2021? We make it happen! Contact us by phone 914-666-7792 or text 914-230-0650 or email or website

Elisa Bruno-Midili co-founded Café Realty in 2013 based on the mission to offer people guidance and options so they are able to make important decisions about their real estate needs. Experience the power and comfort of home with a local, independent, community-focused real estate company.


“In all we do we aim to create an educational and stress free experience. We do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise. We listen and empower our clients to make informed real estate decisions.”

A Very Merry Cafe Realty Christmas

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | December 18, 2020 |
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T’was the week before Christmas when all over the place,
Realtors were stirring to cover their face,

With masks that they use to work they are going,
The virus wouldn’t prevent Christmas from coming.

Covid it struck while all snug in their beds,
While visions of clients danced in their heads!

Protection we need from a virus so bad,
Everything changed and it was so sad.

When out in the field there arose such a clatter,
Quarantine is the thing that will certainly matter,

When dealing with people and homes and the process,
Remotely is how to be safe nonetheless.

Offices were closed for safety you know,
Adapting was key and from this we will grow!

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But a way to continue to do business this year!

With an independent company so nimble and quick,
I knew all the while there would be an uptick.

More rapid than eagles the solutions they came,
Thinking of our children we called them by name:

Now Chase, now Ellie now Andon and Teagan,
On Jaelyn on Monty on Maylene and Kalynn!

On them that we focus and their future secure,
Now stay home and stay safe for this we assure

Will help us to stop the spread that is near,
And calm in our heads the things that we fear.

Their futures are bright and for certain they’ll thrive,
While many are grasping for ways to survive.

A bundle of services went quickly remote,
As a company retooled and pivoted take note.

Presentations how clever and messages so merry,
Like an ice cream dessert topped with a cherry!

The agents have patience, resilience and strength,
Coordinating transactions mostly arms length.

Their mindsets are set to serve you sincere,
Especially at Christmas and all through the year!

With tactics and strategy second to none,
And follow up response to please everyone.

From sellers and buyers and investors alike,
We acknowledge that covid inspections could spike.

The precautions we take and never for granted,
Real estate has never been so demanded!

The market we watch so diligent and focused,
And nothing we do will go unnoticed.

For a company that’s independent and local and small,
Is the best choice we profess and it is for all!

When you are thinking of making your move,
It’s Café Realty that makes all things go smooth.

A stress free experience is all that you need,
We guide you, connect you and it’s guaranteed!

You’ll love the attention that you will receive,
And in this small company we hope you believe.

That higher standards, integrity and trust we profess,
In all that we do education is best!

Sharing our knowledge with you is our gift,
As we navigate through and dance with the shift.

A year like no other, unprecedented they say
We made it through this one so what can we say?

Onward and upward to a brand new year,
We wish for this season some holiday cheer!

I heard some exclaim as we carried on with delight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Elisa is a Co-Founder and Creative Director for Cafe Realty, a local, independent, community-focused real estate brokerage.

2020 A Year of Refection

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | December 8, 2020 |
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2020 has not been kind but there were lessons learned. We were hurled into covid lockdown in mid March and life was very different from that point forward. A new normal, the next normal, it was not so normal. We learned how to wrap our arms around the world and appreciate life. We learned many things about ourselves. We learned how to be resilient, to persevere and how empathy works. We learned that kindness has new meaning.

We adopted this new normal and a new perspective. Learning and working remotely. Dining outdoors or with curbside pickup. Everything delivered right to our door! We stayed home and the concept of home became so much more than a place, it became a feeling, a safe haven, our comfort zone.

We also acknowledge the struggle and strife of many. The psychological toil this pandemic has created, a roller coaster of emotion. Many were unable to adapt to such isolating and demanding measures. The loss of work and lack of income were catalysts for the remarkable programs and outreach groups developed to provide aid to all.

The love of humanity evident in the work of those who gave and gave and gave prevailed. We fed others, donated our time and money to worthy causes to give relief. We cared for our families, neighbors, friends and local businesses. Some prospered, some not, but we connected and stayed strong.

We learned how to deal with anxiety, stress and overwhelming doom and gloom. The education about life and how we take those lemons and make lemonade now a routine. Adapting was a daily practice and it was difficult…we are always in school!

The lemonade is where we found the joy. We have never experienced anything like this before so we had to adapt. Zoom is now a household word and we communicated as often as possible without having to drive. We saved time and money and sacrificed human contact for safety. Social channels chatter flooded our day. Our reading and writing skills improved as we reflected on what was happening. Perhaps this was a call for creativity and you found your inner writer, artist, gardener or chef?

This was the year to discover hidden talent, recognize vulnerability and unlock potential. We have so much to be grateful for that a virus cannot remove. The innate goodness of humankind triumphs over all.

Elisa Bruno-Midili is an Associate Broker and co-owner of a local, independent, community-focused real estate company

Real Estate and The Crazy Busy Summer with COVID!

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | August 18, 2020 |
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How does a pandemic, economic crisis and psychological meltdown define the housing hustle and bustle this summer?

  • Approximately half of the offers that home buyers have placed on homes were in a multiple offer situation in the past 3 months
  • Interest rates are low and may be under 3% for some qualified buyers
  • Buyers are exiting cities and dense areas in record numbers In search of space and privacy
  • Work at home and outdoor space is trending as a must have for buyers
  • There is a serious housing shortage in the US.
  • Millenniums are the biggest generation in US history with 40% of home purchases in 2019
  • Inventory is most markets is at an all time low!

What does this all mean? We are having a crazy busy summer and despite covid, real estate has rebounded. Here are some things that are good to know:

BUYERS – One fact about multiple offer situations is that you must have a realtor who can respond quickly, develop strategy, and play the multiple offer game with confidence. Diligence and careful follow up is critical. Know who is representing you and discuss all the what ifs and what nexts upfront.

SELLERS – If you are in an area that is a sellers market, under 3 months of inventory, do hire an expert who can price strategically, negotiate tactically, follow through diligently and has the resources to handle whatever is necessary.

There is nothing that compares to a local, independent, community focused real estate company to be your resource and guide! We are here to serve you and your real estate needs, we are experienced experts.

Elisa has 33 years in the real estate industry and specializes in seller strategy, marketing , social media, content and mentoring.

Call/Text 914.912.1355

Is it a good time to SELL? to BUY?

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | May 22, 2020 |
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Is it a good time?

We had momentum going into 2020 and it was like a rushing river about to overflow its banks! The virus has interrupted this flow…but only temporarily.

So is it a good time to sell? Is it a good time to buy?  The short answer is, it is always a good time if you are ready. There will always be interrupters in real estate and sellers/buyers must be aware and not overly concerned with them too deeply. Team Café Realty insures a safe and comfortable experience with virtual and electronic systems for no in-person contact business practice.

The more immediate situation is…if I sell where will I go? Knowing where you will go is most of the challenge in today’s environment because knowing your destination will help simplify the process. We are here to guide you through challenging times by addressing your important concerns.

Here are some important points about the current market in order to establish a “next normal” mindset:


  • decide where you will go
  • a robust market is expected, the market is only on pause and momentum will return
  • buyer demand is high
  • sellers should sell when they need to 
  • home values have remained the same
  • city dwellers are looking for more privacy, distance and seclusion
  • remote working will be part of the next normal
  • digital systems and tools are essential
  • unoccupied homes are more appealing to virus-conscious buyers
  • occupied homes will need special logistics


  • decide on an area that fits your needs – suburbs or exurbs?
  • a robust market is expected, the market is only on pause and momentum will return
  • interest rates are low
  • home values have remained the same
  • mortgage money is available (some guidelines have changed)
  • remote working will be part of the next normal
  • digital systems and tools are essential

If you are planning to sell in 2020, we welcome your questions. If you are planning to buy in 2020, we are here to guide you! Cafe Realty provides comfort and safety in this time of uncertainty.

Café Realty was founded in 2013 based on the mission to offer people guidance and options so they are able to make important decisions about their real estate needs. Experience the power and comfort of home with a local, independent, community-focused real estate company.

#safeathome #thepowerofhome #wemoveyou


Elisa Bruno-Midili

Associate Broker | Owner | Co-Founder | Creative Director

Café Realty

914-230-0650 direct

What one indie company is doing to thrive in a covid19 world .

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | May 5, 2020 |
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Let’s begin by establishing the fact that pre-covid Café Realty was running at full speed in an extremely active market in the Hudson Valley serving sellers, buyers and investors’ real estate needs.  On March 22 the real estate industry was put on pause along with the world as we needed to protect ourselves from this invisible killer. The safety of our families and clients is always in mind, this is our top priority.

In person contact with clients and agents is prohibited and anyone found violating this order could be fined up to $10,000! We needed to think fast, act quickly and adapt. The one thing that an independent brokerage can do is adapt, retool, revise and re-invent our daily practice, much of which was formerly done in person.

So with the “no in-person” contact mindset we made some changes, which will continue to evolve as the next normal is determined. Those changes were simple to add to our already mostly digital systems and tools. Our agents too would need to pivot to address the virtual world of communication. Virtual showings, virtual open houses, electronic document delivery, social channel outreach and our all new Digital Listing Program (DLP) are some of our immediate tactics. Long term strategy is in development and will focus on the company’s financial health and our agents’ well being.

What we do know, in a sea of uncertainty, is that home is more important now than ever. People are seeking comfort and safety and are discovering a deep understanding of community. There is no community without unity and the good will experienced has been overwhelmingly beautiful. Our sincerest gratitude to all essential workers, especially the health care heroes and first responders who exemplify extraordinary human kindness.

Our agents were asked about their experience during this challenging time and how they are constantly finding solutions to every problem that arises. “It’s like jumping hurdles then being slowed down by speed bumps”, says Rita, one of our agents who is well trusted by her sphere of influence.  “There are delays, information lag and unanswered questions and we need to be quick and intentional with tactics to overcome these issues.” We seek clarity as we guide our agents and our clients to the best options.

Buyers want to see homes in person and this is only possible without contact which means arranging for a virtual tour. “The fear of technology has delayed some transactions, no straight answers are given”, claims agent Joanna who is putting together 2 coop transactions and is hitting a brick wall because the technology is not in place for some brokerages and management companies. She is optimistic that it will close with her perseverance.

On a different note, Michael, Café Realty agent in NY and CT has managed to put 2 deals into contract since quarantine began. He is supporting his clients past, present and future to be sure they are OK. “I’m stepping up and getting involved, I see a deeper sense of community among people.”

Ron, a Café Realty buyer’s agent says ” I miss the interaction and relationship building aspect right now, but I am still getting it done the safest way possible.” He also noted that our core service providers (attorneys, mortgage brokers/loan officers, inspectors, photographers, title agents) have been great with assisting us to keep deals together, “the buyers closed in a parking lot!”

We have closed on 15 transactions that we entered into prior to quarantine and we continue to follow through with every client. Patience, communication, adaptability, innovation and proven results in an unprecedented time is who we are. We are optimistic that the market will rebound and that we, as humans,  will be reunited in a more caring, empathetic and sanitized future world. A kinder, gentler human spirit will emerge and hopefully remain long after covid is forgotten. Business unusual looks like Café Realty…faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall challenges in a single bound!

Café Realty was founded in 2013 based on the mission to offer people guidance and options so they are able to make important decisions about their real estate needs. Experience the power and comfort of home with a local, independent, community-focused real estate company.

#safeathome #thepowerofhome #wemoveyou


Elisa Bruno-Midili, Associate Broker | Owner | Co-Founder | Creative Director

Café Realty

914-230-0650 direct

Cafe Realty Action Plan (CRAP Happens): Your Actions

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | April 14, 2020 |
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Self Reliance

Yes, CRAP is happening right now. The Cafe Realty Action Plan is for shifting, pivoting and finding the new normal.

Business practices will be different as we have now learned how to work remotely. The efficiency of it will improve as we understand the why of work and the how of time management. Technology is a huge resource helping us to adapt.

One thing is for sure we need to stop thinking about going back to normal and get ready for the new normal. We can also keep things simple by connecting with our clients to offer them what they need. What do they need right now? What are they feeling? Human connection is a 15 minute phone call to check in. You are the source of information. Perhaps your offering can be made easier to access or simplified?

From Julie at Brand Twist

  1. Get ready for the new normal
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Social isolation is not business isolation

From Simon Sinek

  1. Your why is an origin story, it comes from the past and is objective. It is the value we have in our friends/clients lives, a tribal thing.
  2. Your vision is the future and is subjective. It’s what you want to build, a just cause.
  3. Be a great communicator – Find words that capture feelings that other people also have. We have a shared camaraderie and are connected by human worldly stories

 From the internet

  1. Decide who you will call
  2. Time-block 2 hours per day, 5 days per week to reach out
  3. Stay on track with a consistent number of people to connect with
  4. Know what you will say. Practice, Use your CRM to record notes
  5. Begin! Start small and build

 Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about being self reliant “Self-sufficiency gives one the freedom to discover one’s true self and attain true independence.” The need for each individual to avoid conformity and false consistency, and follow his own instincts and ideas.

We have been given the gift of time and during this stay at home order we are in control of trying new things, giving and asking for LinkedIn recommendations, learn 1 new technology, employ an intern, be a thought leader. Bring back humanity to business with compassion, care and connections. There is good in this time away from business as usual. Time to reinvent, re-purpose and renew in ourselves.

Cafe Realty is a local, independent, community-focused, real estate brokerage. Our company offers personal service, guidance and resources. Our brand stands for people and the communities where we live, work and play.

Elisa Bruno Midili is an industry leader specializing in mindset, new business development and marketing strategies.

914.912.1355 mobile |


By Elisa Bruno-Midili | April 8, 2020 |
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CRAP happens and information is fluid! COVID is real and we apart now to be together later. This simple set of actions will help to guide you.

CRAP is the Cafe Realty Action Plan for Disaster Relief and Economic Injury Recovery.

What we do in times like these will prove who we are and what we are capable of!

1. Shift your mindset – it will be a long haul, it will be OK. It’s normal and acceptable to feel anxious and stressed. Good tactics and strategy now will help to pull everyone through. Be optimistic.

2. Maintain a good routine – set your mood, attitude and infinite mindset. Get up early, breathe, stretch, block your time. Time for work, education, exercise, time for you, time to share, time to cook/eat, time to laugh.

3. Analyze your business plan – where are you now, how will you move forward, what are your goals, how will they be shifted?

4. Check your systems and tools – do you need to pivot to something new? Re-engineer your process.

5. The market will be different, so determine the language to use. Advise buyers of new opportunities in a buyer’s market. Prepare sellers for new values and pricing.

6. Enhance your emotional connections with your audiences. Offer guidance, offer service, offer items of value.

7. Find humor in everyday activities – necessity is the mother of invention and creativity is intelligence having fun. (Albert Einstein)

8. Take a break – stay connected to the media but don’t overwhelm with news and opinions 24/7. There is a lot of fake news out there. Know the truth, share the facts from reliable sources.

9. Stay educated – time block for business and personal development. Webinars, zoom meetings and Facebook live have made it simple to improve your knowledge base and to stay connected. Education is all around us, increase awareness.

10. Check the messages you post and share on social channels. Does it speak to the real you? It is your life line to the world…your new world. Take this time to manage your profiles. Your target audience will notice who you are, what you do and why you do it. Your message is your voice.

11. Be inspired – listen to music, dance, sing, write, paint, draw, knit, create to release tension through expression. Go inward and self-discover.

12. Stay healthy in Mind | Body | Spirit. Hydrate, eat well, exercise, walk, meditate, do yoga, stretch and get plenty of sleep. Cleanse the air with sage bundles, Palo Santo sticks, essential oils, beeswax candles. Support your immune system with vitamin C rich foods, honey, ginger, green tea, elderberry, mushrooms, echinacea, garlic, licorice, zinc.

13. Reflect on what we have and what we can do for the greater good.

Remember we are human and it’s OK to not be OK sometimes. We will emerge stronger, more resilient, more knowledgeable with courage and determination. Things will not go back to normal because there will be a new normal. PREPARE NOW.

Cafe Realty is a local, independent, community-focused, real estate brokerage. Our company offers personal service, guidance and resources. Our brand stands for people and the communities where we live, work and play.

Elisa Bruno Midili is an industry leader specializing in mindset, new business development and marketing strategies.

914.912.1355 mobile |

Effect of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on Real Estate in NY: 1 week after Executive Order

By Elisa Bruno-Midili | April 6, 2020 |
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This article was originally written on March 29 and things have changed again! Stay tuned for additional updates.

Re-inventing roles as we embark on week 2 of the executive order to reduce workforce by 100%. This is the second article in the series about the effect of coronavirus on real estate. Updates are coming in fast and furious!

Real estate is not an essential business in New York! To stay safe and healthy and to stop the spread we are staying home and not coming in contact with sellers, buyers or any of our core service providers. Essential related businesses include title services, banking/lending, inspectors, photographers and movers to name a few. We have managed to close some of the transaction already pending in no less than 2 days. Communication and response time being the key element and the willingness on the part of all parties to participate. There are plenty of restrictions and we are abiding by the governor’s mandate.

What happens when the pipeline from the Realtors to our core service providers is dry? How will the essential services survive without our non-essential real estate service?

Time is our only consideration as we cannot determine what timeline this virus will follow. Some optimistically predict May, probability in July, possible to not get resolved until the fall? Will a scientific/medical breakthrough create more positivity in the financial sector? We may have another 4-8 weeks until the curve is flattened. Buckle up buttercup we are in for a bumpy ride but don’t despair, it is a temporary situation with a lasting effect. Business as we know will forever change so mindset must change along with it.

Our vocabulary has increased to include many new words and terms such as pandemic, social distancing, flatten the curve, PPE/personal protection equipment, Zoom, COVID-19, working remotely, essential and non-essential business. And some familiar ones that have resurfaced: distance learning, online learning, fear of the unknown, anxiety, social media, electronic delivery of documents and the ever present wash your hands. Much can be learned from this moment in history when everything seems to be in flux. Take this opportunity to reinvent yourself and your business.

The real estate industry is adapting to the use of electronic delivery of documents and other web related resources. We are sharing and following, liking and giving the thumbs up👍 and a heart ❤ to connect with our audiences. It’s a time not to sell but to serve, to be apart of the community with our physical and emotional support to those in need. We are reliant on the internet and how it is used to keep social distance without social isolation. Show that you care, your voice matters.

The National Association of Realtors and the New York State Association of Realtors have our backs and are advocating on our behalf to support the 1.4 million Realtors in this country, an industry representing 17% of the US economy. Click here to read the article.

Our quest is to realize that while our jobs may be the same after COVID-19, the way we perform them will be different. Embrace this time as precedented because being able to adapt and recognize opportunity is as difficult as trying to understand what just happened. I follow Simon Sinek to keep my mindset in check, here is a recent video of his team meeting called These Are Not Unprecedented Times. We need more leaders to adopt this mindset because leaders are inundated with news, information and sometimes too much noise in the form of opinion and interpretation of information.

Stay connected my friends, Cafe Realty is prepared to update you continuously on our social channels. We have also put up a resource page on our resource site and have all of our featured listings and searches on our regular site. We are conducting remote consultations and have the technology necessary to serve you through this crisis.

Stay safe. Be well.


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