Break Biases Together

This song was born from a course that I took called Bias and The Brain. I prompted Chat GPT with all the terms and language to use and asked for it in rap style. Let’s break biases together. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Yo, let me lay it down, check the facts, let’s rap, ‘Bout the biases we got,…

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2021 A Year to Look Up and Move Forward

Yes, we have had some traumatic experiences getting through 2020…is 2021 your year to make a move? The real estate industry and technology is moving faster than ever before, 5 years worth in the last 6-12 months! Here is a bite from Inman Connect Now, (a series of fully digital events that bring together the…

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Real Estate and The Crazy Busy Summer with COVID!

How does a pandemic, economic crisis and psychological meltdown define the housing hustle and bustle this summer? Approximately half of the offers that home buyers have placed on homes were in a multiple offer situation in the past 3 months Interest rates are low and may be under 3% for some qualified buyers Buyers are…

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Is it a good time to SELL? to BUY?

Is it a good time?

We had momentum going into 2020 and it was like a rushing river about to overflow its banks! The virus has interrupted this flow…but only temporarily. So is it a good time to sell? Is it a good time to buy?  The short answer is, it is always a good time if you are ready.…

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Cafe Realty Action Plan (CRAP Happens): Your Actions

Self Reliance

Yes, CRAP is happening right now. The Cafe Realty Action Plan is for shifting, pivoting and finding the new normal. Business practices will be different as we have now learned how to work remotely. The efficiency of it will improve as we understand the why of work and the how of time management. Technology is…

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CRAP happens and information is fluid! COVID is real and we apart now to be together later. This simple set of actions will help to guide you. CRAP is the Cafe Realty Action Plan for Disaster Relief and Economic Injury Recovery. What we do in times like these will prove who we are and what we are capable of! 1.…

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