2021 A Year to Look Up and Move Forward

Yes, we have had some traumatic experiences getting through 2020…is 2021 your year to make a move?

The real estate industry and technology is moving faster than ever before, 5 years worth in the last 6-12 months! Here is a bite from Inman Connect Now, (a series of fully digital events that bring together the real estate community to network, learn and grow).

 “I see the beginnings of a new housing dynamism that began last year and will flourish in years to come. Today in what the Economist calls a dawn of technological optimism we see the benefits of innovation. For ten years, the pace of innovation underwhelmed many of us. Before 2020, we applied innovation to problems that we did not know we even had. Then last year, we innovated because we had no other choice. We did in six months what would have taken 5 years. Adversity often forces societies to advance. Faster growth and higher living standards are now within our reach.

The booming investment in technology is the first reason for optimism. In the second and third quarters of 2020 America’s private sector spent more on computers, software and R&D than on buildings and industrial gear for the first time in over a decade.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in real estate where billions have been invested in every corner of the real estate process, working out all of the kinks, making the process smoother for everyone.” ~Brad Inman

 These are my thoughts on how we will move forward in 2021 with optimism:

  • Single family home sales are rising at the fastest pace since 2006!
  • This winter will be the best ever in pending sales
  • Home sales will increase by 6-7%
  • Price growth in our market will be 5-6%
  • Interest rates will average around 3-4%
  • Inventory will remain low
  • Mortgages in forbearance is a thing to watch
  • Millennial and Gen Z buyers need and desire education and guidance about financing and options to become homeowners
  • Office space will continue to be off limits as brokerages continue to adapt to covid precautions and work remotely
  • Referrals of people leaving the area will increase due to the exodus of people to suburbs and exurbs and into a different market
  • Where will I go will still be a questions for sellers  
  • Video will prevail in education and marketing
  • Original content will be the one thing that boosts lead generation and auto posting content will be largely ignored by algorithms
  • LinkedIn will prove to be the #1 social site for connections and engagement for real estate professionals
  • Storytelling is a critical part of marketing and self promotion and engages the target audience for important connections

“We expect single-family construction to move up 9% in 2021 — a much-needed relief valve for homebuyers,” said Danielle Hale, chief economist at Realtor.com. “While buyer demand has slowed since December, it remains notably higher than one year ago, giving builders a strong incentive to keep building.”

 “Between 2020 and 2040, Hispanic households will grow by 8.6 million, households of other races (mostly Asian households) will grow by 4.8 million, and Black households will grow by 3.4 million. White households will decline by 0.6 million. ~ The Urban Institute

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Elisa Bruno-Midili co-founded Café Realty in 2013 based on the mission to offer people guidance and options so they are able to make important decisions about their real estate needs. Experience the power and comfort of home with a local, independent, community-focused real estate company.


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