A Very Merry Cafe Realty Christmas

T’was the week before Christmas when all over the place,
Realtors were stirring to cover their face,

With masks that they use to work they are going,
The virus wouldn’t prevent Christmas from coming.

Covid it struck while all snug in their beds,
While visions of clients danced in their heads!

Protection we need from a virus so bad,
Everything changed and it was so sad.

When out in the field there arose such a clatter,
Quarantine is the thing that will certainly matter,

When dealing with people and homes and the process,
Remotely is how to be safe nonetheless.

Offices were closed for safety you know,
Adapting was key and from this we will grow!

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But a way to continue to do business this year!

With an independent company so nimble and quick,
I knew all the while there would be an uptick.

More rapid than eagles the solutions they came,
Thinking of our children we called them by name:

Now Chase, now Ellie now Andon and Teagan,
On Jaelyn on Monty on Maylene and Kalynn!

On them that we focus and their future secure,
Now stay home and stay safe for this we assure

Will help us to stop the spread that is near,
And calm in our heads the things that we fear.

Their futures are bright and for certain they’ll thrive,
While many are grasping for ways to survive.

A bundle of services went quickly remote,
As a company retooled and pivoted take note.

Presentations how clever and messages so merry,
Like an ice cream dessert topped with a cherry!

The agents have patience, resilience and strength,
Coordinating transactions mostly arms length.

Their mindsets are set to serve you sincere,
Especially at Christmas and all through the year!

With tactics and strategy second to none,
And follow up response to please everyone.

From sellers and buyers and investors alike,
We acknowledge that covid inspections could spike.

The precautions we take and never for granted,
Real estate has never been so demanded!

The market we watch so diligent and focused,
And nothing we do will go unnoticed.

For a company that’s independent and local and small,
Is the best choice we profess and it is for all!

When you are thinking of making your move,
It’s Café Realty that makes all things go smooth.

A stress free experience is all that you need,
We guide you, connect you and it’s guaranteed!

You’ll love the attention that you will receive,
And in this small company we hope you believe.

That higher standards, integrity and trust we profess,
In all that we do education is best!

Sharing our knowledge with you is our gift,
As we navigate through and dance with the shift.

A year like no other, unprecedented they say
We made it through this one so what can we say?

Onward and upward to a brand new year,
We wish for this season some holiday cheer!

I heard some exclaim as we carried on with delight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Elisa is a Co-Founder and Creative Director for Cafe Realty, a local, independent, community-focused real estate brokerage. https://instacard.co/Elisa-BrunoMidili