2020 A Year of Refection

2020 has not been kind but there were lessons learned. We were hurled into covid lockdown in mid March and life was very different from that point forward. A new normal, the next normal, it was not so normal. We learned how to wrap our arms around the world and appreciate life. We learned many things about ourselves. We learned how to be resilient, to persevere and how empathy works. We learned that kindness has new meaning.

We adopted this new normal and a new perspective. Learning and working remotely. Dining outdoors or with curbside pickup. Everything delivered right to our door! We stayed home and the concept of home became so much more than a place, it became a feeling, a safe haven, our comfort zone.

We also acknowledge the struggle and strife of many. The psychological toil this pandemic has created, a roller coaster of emotion. Many were unable to adapt to such isolating and demanding measures. The loss of work and lack of income were catalysts for the remarkable programs and outreach groups developed to provide aid to all.

The love of humanity evident in the work of those who gave and gave and gave prevailed. We fed others, donated our time and money to worthy causes to give relief. We cared for our families, neighbors, friends and local businesses. Some prospered, some not, but we connected and stayed strong.

We learned how to deal with anxiety, stress and overwhelming doom and gloom. The education about life and how we take those lemons and make lemonade now a routine. Adapting was a daily practice and it was difficult…we are always in school!

The lemonade is where we found the joy. We have never experienced anything like this before so we had to adapt. Zoom is now a household word and we communicated as often as possible without having to drive. We saved time and money and sacrificed human contact for safety. Social channels chatter flooded our day. Our reading and writing skills improved as we reflected on what was happening. Perhaps this was a call for creativity and you found your inner writer, artist, gardener or chef?

This was the year to discover hidden talent, recognize vulnerability and unlock potential. We have so much to be grateful for that a virus cannot remove. The innate goodness of humankind triumphs over all.

Elisa Bruno-Midili is an Associate Broker and co-owner of a local, independent, community-focused real estate company www.CafeRealtyNY.com