Pawling is a town in Dutchess County. Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, Pawling is a community of abundance. Country vistas, unique homes and a quaint Village welcome all. Getting here is the easy part. Pawling's proximity to interstate transportation corridors and home to two Metro-North train stops, provide easy access. The riches of this community, its people, landscape and shops welcome all.


The town was founded in 1788.

From the early 18th century when Quaker settlers purchased the land known as "The Oblong," to the Army Air Corp Convalescent hospital created from the Pawling School and Green Mountain Lakes Camp during World War II, Pawling has been the center of important historic events.

In 1767 the Quakers of the Oblong Friends Meeting abolished slavery, almost 100 years before Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. They reasoned that, since God is in every person, they could not enslave God. They used a similar logic when they chose not to fight on either side during the American Revolution. This did not stop the war from coming to Pawling. Their meetinghouse was commandeered as a hospital that mostly cared for soldiers accidentally injured at the encampment at Purgatory Hill. In the fall of 1778, George Washington spent two months in Pawling with his headquarters at the John Kane house.

The Quaker Meeting House is still standing today, and open for visitors. George Washington established his headquarters at the John Kane House in the town (now the village) for two months in 1778. The town was founded in 1788, but part of the town was used to form the neighboring Town of Dover in 1807.

The New York and Harlem Railroad reached Pawling on December 31, 1848. The town soon became a popular vacation stop with the construction of the Dutcher House and the Mizzentop Hotels.

The oldest public golf course in the United States, the Dutcher Golf Course, also is in Pawling, and still in use. The Pawling Corporation is headquartered there.


Located just 99 minutes north of Manhattan, McKinney and Doyle Fine Foods Cafe and Bakery are nestled in the quaint New England Style Village of Pawling. Their storefront cafe and bar serves serious American cuisine in a not so serious atmosphere. Wonderful fresh fish, seafood, steaks, pastas, salads and soups accompany American classics such as meatloaf, crab cakes and a great selection of small plates and appetizers.

McKinley and Doyle's bakery offers a wide selection of homemade, from scratch, pastries, danish, cookies, layer cakes, special occasion cakes, fruit tarts, pies, pound cakes, jams, jellies and freshly baked bread and rolls.

Cutting edge cocktails, a multi award winning wine list and an old fashion soda fountain round out the McKinney and Doyle experience.

McKinney and Doyle

Pawling and its environs have a rich agricultural tradition. Since its founding in the mid-1700s, orchards, livestock and fields of corn and vegetables have been a fundamental part of life in Pawling. In early 2008, a group of residents approached the Town and the Chamber of Commerce with the proposal of creating a weekly farmers market in downtown Pawling. Thus began what is now known as the Pawling Farmers Market, bringing local produce and crafts to the center of town. Aligned both with the centuries-old tradition of "market day" and the recent popularization of local, healthy foods; the Pawling Farmers Market serves as a gathering spot for residents and a regional attraction. The Pawling Farmers Market runs from late June until the end of September.

Pawling Farmers Market

Another local favorite is the Pawling Bread Company. Their labor of love started out with making sourdough (naturally-leavened) bread by hand in the basement of their home. Five years later, the wonderful community in which they live raised money to enable them to open a store-front. Check them out and see that they are all about great bread, great pastries, great cheese, great coffee and great vibes!

Pawling Bread Co

If you're looking for a local spot to get some work done, or meet up with friends, the Sunflour Bakery is the place to be!

Locally-sourced coffee. Homemade muffins. Free wifi? Check. And a comfy back room with huge cozy chairs. Sunflour Bakery is everything you expected and more. Come in for a quick bite or plan to stay a while. You’ll be glad you did.

Sunflour Bakery


Organizations such as The Oblong Land Conservancy, Friends of the Great Swamp and The Appalachian Trail Association ensure that the public enjoys the benefits of the preserved land whenever possible. Their programs provide the public with parks, trailways, wildlife habitats, clean air and water, and recreational opportunities. The Town of Pawling Recreational Department invites you to enjoy the outdoors on hundreds of acres of parkland that include the oldest municipality owned golf course in America, a dozen tennis courts and two lakes. Visit The Town of Pawling Recreation Department.

The private Quaker Hill Country Club offers its members and guests golfing, tennis and croquet. There are many recreational opportunities in the Whaley Lake area as well.

Quaker Hill Country Club

For all who love nature and walking in the woods, the 1,043-acre Pawling Nature Reserve and the area’s dominant environmental feature, the 6,000-acre Great Swamp, offer a lifetime of opportunities for hiking, canoeing and nature viewing. The visitor or resident can walk for miles on trails through the Nature Reserve, canoe in the Great Swamp, or join a group outing led by an expert provided by one of the area’s several environmental organizations. Fishing and birding are other popular activities. Oblong Trail Association and the Town trails at Murrow and Lakeside Parks offer outdoor enthusiasts opportunities aplenty.

Pawling Nature Reserve


Pawling is an outstanding school district that provides small size and unique opportunities. Their 1460 student body attains test scores that place them among the highest performing schools in the Hudson Valley. Pawling's students achieve above the state averages on all tests mandated by the State of New York. There are a wide range of program and services to meet the needs of all children. Pawling is very proud of its school system and supports its children and their schools. Please visit the Pawling School district website.

There are also fine private schools located in Pawling, including the historic Trinity-Pawling School, an all-male college preparatory school serving primarily boarding students. The young men of Trinity-Pawling are encouraged to reach their full potential, and the faculty is committed to upholding the highest standards of learning. For information visit: The Trinity-Pawling School.

Mizzentop Day School is a not-for-profit, independent, coeducational day school founded in 1998 and accredited by the New York State Association of Independence Schools. With approximately 135 students in their Early Childhood through Eighth Grade classes, one of their main objectives is to provide an individualized, developmentally appropriate quality education during the formative years of a child’s life. To learn more about Mizzentop Day School, contact the Director of Admissions at 845-855-7338 or visit: The Mizzentop Day School website.


Additional information for the town of Pawling, including public safety, government, and resources, can be found on their website.

Town of Pawling