CRAP happens and information is fluid! COVID is real and we apart now to be together later. This simple set of actions will help to guide you.

CRAP is the Cafe Realty Action Plan for Disaster Relief and Economic Injury Recovery.

What we do in times like these will prove who we are and what we are capable of!

1. Shift your mindset – it will be a long haul, it will be OK. It’s normal and acceptable to feel anxious and stressed. Good tactics and strategy now will help to pull everyone through. Be optimistic.

2. Maintain a good routine – set your mood, attitude and infinite mindset. Get up early, breathe, stretch, block your time. Time for work, education, exercise, time for you, time to share, time to cook/eat, time to laugh.

3. Analyze your business plan – where are you now, how will you move forward, what are your goals, how will they be shifted?

4. Check your systems and tools – do you need to pivot to something new? Re-engineer your process.

5. The market will be different, so determine the language to use. Advise buyers of new opportunities in a buyer’s market. Prepare sellers for new values and pricing.

6. Enhance your emotional connections with your audiences. Offer guidance, offer service, offer items of value.

7. Find humor in everyday activities – necessity is the mother of invention and creativity is intelligence having fun. (Albert Einstein)

8. Take a break – stay connected to the media but don’t overwhelm with news and opinions 24/7. There is a lot of fake news out there. Know the truth, share the facts from reliable sources.

9. Stay educated – time block for business and personal development. Webinars, zoom meetings and Facebook live have made it simple to improve your knowledge base and to stay connected. Education is all around us, increase awareness.

10. Check the messages you post and share on social channels. Does it speak to the real you? It is your life line to the world…your new world. Take this time to manage your profiles. Your target audience will notice who you are, what you do and why you do it. Your message is your voice.

11. Be inspired – listen to music, dance, sing, write, paint, draw, knit, create to release tension through expression. Go inward and self-discover.

12. Stay healthy in Mind | Body | Spirit. Hydrate, eat well, exercise, walk, meditate, do yoga, stretch and get plenty of sleep. Cleanse the air with sage bundles, Palo Santo sticks, essential oils, beeswax candles. Support your immune system with vitamin C rich foods, honey, ginger, green tea, elderberry, mushrooms, echinacea, garlic, licorice, zinc.

13. Reflect on what we have and what we can do for the greater good.

Remember we are human and it’s OK to not be OK sometimes. We will emerge stronger, more resilient, more knowledgeable with courage and determination. Things will not go back to normal because there will be a new normal. PREPARE NOW.

Cafe Realty is a local, independent, community-focused, real estate brokerage. Our company offers personal service, guidance and resources. Our brand stands for people and the communities where we live, work and play.

Elisa Bruno Midili is an industry leader specializing in mindset, new business development and marketing strategies.

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