Cafe Realty Action Plan (CRAP Happens): Your Actions

Yes, CRAP is happening right now. The Cafe Realty Action Plan is for shifting, pivoting and finding the new normal.

Business practices will be different as we have now learned how to work remotely. The efficiency of it will improve as we understand the why of work and the how of time management. Technology is a huge resource helping us to adapt.

One thing is for sure we need to stop thinking about going back to normal and get ready for the new normal. We can also keep things simple by connecting with our clients to offer them what they need. What do they need right now? What are they feeling? Human connection is a 15 minute phone call to check in. You are the source of information. Perhaps your offering can be made easier to access or simplified?

From Julie at Brand Twist

  1. Get ready for the new normal
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Social isolation is not business isolation

From Simon Sinek

  1. Your why is an origin story, it comes from the past and is objective. It is the value we have in our friends/clients lives, a tribal thing.
  2. Your vision is the future and is subjective. It’s what you want to build, a just cause.
  3. Be a great communicator – Find words that capture feelings that other people also have. We have a shared camaraderie and are connected by human worldly stories

 From the internet

  1. Decide who you will call
  2. Time-block 2 hours per day, 5 days per week to reach out
  3. Stay on track with a consistent number of people to connect with
  4. Know what you will say. Practice, Use your CRM to record notes
  5. Begin! Start small and build

 Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about being self reliant “Self-sufficiency gives one the freedom to discover one’s true self and attain true independence.” The need for each individual to avoid conformity and false consistency, and follow his own instincts and ideas.

We have been given the gift of time and during this stay at home order we are in control of trying new things, giving and asking for LinkedIn recommendations, learn 1 new technology, employ an intern, be a thought leader. Bring back humanity to business with compassion, care and connections. There is good in this time away from business as usual. Time to reinvent, re-purpose and renew in ourselves.

Cafe Realty is a local, independent, community-focused, real estate brokerage. Our company offers personal service, guidance and resources. Our brand stands for people and the communities where we live, work and play.

Elisa Bruno Midili is an industry leader specializing in mindset, new business development and marketing strategies.

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