Is Your Brand Living Up To Its Promise?

Brand School by Julie Cottineau, was my defining moment in the evolution of Cafe Realty and all that our brand has to offer and promise.

Julie, through her unique method of “twisting” teaches how to take ideas and  twist them with other brand ideas to gain insight and fresh perspective. It taught me how to think laterally,  be more aware of other brand messages, learn what my target audience needs and solve a real estate problem. This takes a strong connection on an emotional level and strategic language and messages on social channels.

I discovered that our agents and partners need to be better brand ambassadors through understanding and internalizing what we believe in, that our audience needs to be more engaged socially and that our brand does solve the issues that are plaguing our clients.

Any brand can say that they will do something for you but which brands actually do what they say? We are committed to our freshly brewed approach and how we educate, advocate and innovate for our clients.

What does your brand say about you personally and how is your personal story connected to your brand? It is critically important for consumers to understand how our brand can solve their problem, put them at ease and create a lasting relationship where they will become a Cafe Realty brand ambassador because of the delightful experience that has occurred. Our brand must be felt in every way and recognized for what differentiates us. Unified under our brand pillars, EDUCATE l ADVOCATE l INNOVATE, we live our lives with them always in mind and evident in all we do.

How we differentiate ourselves defines who we are, why we do what we do and how we will help others. Our difference is that we care about our clients being educated on what will happen now and next, we care about creating a stress-free, authentic relationship and we care about being different to make a difference.

For more information on how to experience Real Estate’s Freshly Brewed Approach please contact Elisa Bruno-Midili 914-230-0650 direct

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