A 30 Year Celebration!

Maybe it was an independence day for me 30 years ago when I joined my first real estate company as a newly licensed salesperson? I took some advice (or did I lose a bet), got my license in 1987, and the market crashed that very October. The rest is history, mystery and a little magic…

It seems like every other real estate agent takes on this career for things other than real estate itself.
Real estate was foreign to me (not sales)but it did offer flexible hours, unlimited income potential and a whole new world of people. I’m new and I needed to find a company to hire me and get some practical experience. Back in 1987 we used paper, pencils, index cards and phones that were land lines. My first interview resulted in the manager saying you’ll never make it in real estate, stay home and take care of your children. So began my challenge to break through the barriers that often prevent women from pursuing their purpose. Coldwell Banker was my company of choice, they were new to the east coast, from California, and seemed like a good fit.  It was daunting, not only being new in Real Estate, but representing a company who people thought was a bank! It was a 19 year industry learning experience where I was able to raise 2 children, make an income and have a life too (interrupted). Many clients were served, friends were made, managers came and went, awards, conventions, the dawn of technology and THEN I realized there was more. My mindset was changing, my eyes were opening and I discovered that other companies were in need of my talent and willingness to be different…well that was swell, so how does that work?

It’s 2006 and the Keller Williams opportunity was before me,  another new company for the area, based in Austin Texas. (I have this thing for new, different and exciting). I was no stranger to overcoming objections and began a new real estate career as an owner in a franchise. This was after months and months of meetings, research and learning what this new company was about. I was thrilled at the excitement of something i could own, a challenge once again even with 19 years of experience under my belt. It was no easy feat building a market center from the ground up, however THIS was it! My lifelong dream of creating something was taking shape. Ownership, education, top salesperson, team leader, education, more conventions, awards, meeting lots and lots of people and did i mention education. These people had the ability to influence, to lead, to make a difference… something NEW, something corporate real estate never conveyed. I was open minded, ready for change, ready to accept and change my life it did! It was the beginning of a journey of self discovery and the next 5 years would prove to be a tumultuous revelation and an opportunity to evolve as a human being, business and thought leader. All good things do have an end and end it did in 2011 so when one door closes at least three more open.

2011 – 2013 the journey that led me to Cafe Realty. I developed sharp intuition in this time frame and began this creative process along with my partners. Building from the ground up takes collaboration, again my quest for the new different and exciting was brewing…again!  Cafe Realty was founded in October of 2013 incorporating all my wisdom, expertise and knowledges amassed from my prior real estate and business experiences. I combined it with 2 famously talented and capable partners and today I’m proud to say Cafe Realty has evolved into a company that has a freshly brewed approach to real estate.We have grown to 4 partners,  11 agents and 9 referral company agents. We educate, advocate and innovate for an uncomplicated, stress-free, authentic and trendy real estate experience. We connect communities one cup of coffee at a time!

The people, places and things discovered in these past 30 years had an extraordinary influence on me, my life and my connection to the the real estate industry. I celebrate small business ownership, women entrepreneurs and those with a dream and desire to solve a problem and be an authentic contributor to other people’s lives. Watch out for what’s next!