The Effect of Coronavirus has on Real Estate: A Realtor’s View

The effect of the coronavirus on real estate has many facets. We are learning to adapt to a new way of doing business. Any disruption will cause change and to be ready, mindset is the first thing to focus on to have a clear focus on how to adapt quickly and effectively. This is the first in a series of articles on what to expect during this time of social distancing.

The ability to interact with people in person is no longer possible, a key in the real estate business. Our greatest asset is to be face to face with people when helping them to sell, buy or invest in real estate. It is our rapport building and emotional connection that fosters a relationship of KNOW | LIKE | TRUST. In person meetings are now suspended indefinitely and we are keeping in touch through phone calls, video chats, texts and social media. Email is the contact method for the communication, transmission and recording of data.

The importance of staying in touch to answer questions, calm fears, reduce anxiety and offer information is what we will do to keep open and clear communication. We cannot predict what will happen but we sure can report the truth and keep clients informed and updated!

The ability to transact business electronically will need to be carefully analyzed and orchestrated. Document transmission has become the norm and we all will need to learn this system if not already doing so. Video conferencing is critical to stay connected with your team, current clients and prospects. Closings in NY will be a challenge and we are prepared to collaborate with attorneys, title companies and lenders to facilitate as best as possible. The Realtor is often the one who coordinates all correspondence and collects all documents for the transaction. This process is one that needs utmost attention now more than ever.

We will not stand idly by during this crisis, we will continue to press onward to further promote the American dream…home-ownership.

Today’s new norm relies on a different perspective, connected devices, excellent time management and a strategy to operate under adverse conditions. As a nonessential business we are under mandate to stop showing homes and conducting open houses. We are compliant however must look to future business to keep us afloat.

The real estate industry has survived through depressions, recessions, crashes and meltdowns. We are tackling something new, different and potentially industry and life changing. We will boldly navigate stormy waters until the high tide raises all boats once again. The journey will take patience, calmness and critical thinking.

Home has a new meaning, it is now your place of business, your personal community, your sanctuary for internal thought, the central nervous system for everyday life.

Stay Safe. Be Well.


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