Realtors Be Aware…the Mindful Cafe

Check your attitude, judgment and opinions at the door. Upon representing a client whether seller or buyer a neutral, open minded, accepting demeanor sets the tone for the first impression. Like many other first impressions it is what resonates in the client’s memory and will remain throughout the relationship.

It is not necessary to speak about your personal life with a client, they don’t care what you did, where you are going, or how busy you are…it’s about them not you. Your opinion is as worthless as a tiny folded up piece of paper…keep it to yourself or they may tell you where to stick it.

Open the door for dialogue and advocate about needs, proximity, value and community. Communicate your marketing, positioning and exposure. Exude competence and confidence…use your knowledge and expertise to educate.

Listen more than anything else to understand your clients’ motivation. Be the fiduciary you are hired to be according to real estate law and Realtor code of ethics. Personal agendas no more…clients’ interest above all else. Amen.

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