This is a story about a small real estate company that began a journey in 2013. During these 3 short years a 3 partner collaboration grew to 4 partners, 12 agents, 2 support staff, and a referral company of 11. We forged ahead at a time when many independents were retreating to corporate brokerage. We felt strong and powerful equipped with experience, charm and innovation. It was no small feat to orchestrate and ignite a start up, however, the companies we all were with formerly gave us the ability to be insightful. This truly collaborative company compelled us to combine forces that pool talent, strengths and skill. We realized in order to make a difference in this industry we must set ourselves apart by being responsible, responsive and ultimately real…we put the real back in real estate!

#MoreThanRealEstate  Our vision was that of a real estate company that was comfortable like that great pair of boots, smooth like a superior cup of coffee and evocative through educated conversation. We have a coffee for that! Cafe Realty’s Own Blend is organic, locally roasted and ethically sourced with love by Big Bang Coffee Roasters of Peekskill. It will remind you of home and set the mood for a delightful conversation. Real Estate never tasted THIS good!

Our message is to partner with and participte in the community and events and to be a reliable resource through the resource directory on our website. Creatively speaking we work with clean lines, bold statements and beautiful images…we are socially proficient and connected.

Now as 2016 winds down and our 3 year anniversary approaches we reflect on how we helped so many people realize their real estate dreams and desires and thank those who have shown support in so many ways.

We look forward to be of service to you and your family. Cafe Realty…the company you keep that educates, advocates  and represents with you in mind! We brew an awesome cup of coffee too! Look for us online, at the office and in person at a community near you.


Cafe Realty is a real estate brokerage, consulting and valuation services company serving sellers, buyers and investors in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and the Bronx www.Cafe.Realtor 239 Lexington Ave Mt Kisco NY 10549


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