Cafe Realty Talks About Keller, Inman, Hogshead, Godin

I discovered Gary Keller and Keller Williams around 2006 while looking for something different in real estate. I was at Coldwell Banker for 19 years  and nothing was ringing my bell. I love the educational aspect of real estate and this man knew what he was talking about…trends, market analysis, and a sense of self! A true quantum leap for me!

Real estate is not magic, contrary to popular belief, it’s just basics and whole lotta awareness. Simultaneously the behavioral aspect of the industry is fascinating and my own journey of self discovery was under way. Changing the way I looked at real estate, (perspective), things began to change. I began to study behavior, psychology and how to develop talent and be more collaborative.

Gary Keller “live” is riveting, he’s someone who is listenable, practical, and has mastered the art of leverage. He has insight. Real estate is an insightful business, people like Sally Hogshead make everything fascinating and relatable. Seth Godin makes marketing intuitive and fun, Brad Inman takes things to the next level with innovation. I have learned so much from so many people on this real estate journey.

When you open your eyes and your mind it’s a palette for exploration and discovery. Set your mind on growth to maximize people and process.The industry needs this infusion of insight, innovation and intuition. Thanks Gary and thanks Inman for sharing Gary’s latest presentation from Mega Camp last week. I have shared your insight with my partners and agents. I educate our agents, clients and create public awareness about community and resources.

This industry is ever-changing and my 30 year dedication has lead me to starting my own brokerage…My true love now is Cafe Realty!

Elisa Bruno-Midili

Cafe Realty Co-Founder
Cafe Realty, Creative Director                                                                                                                        Former KW Team Leader

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