Love Your Realtor


Your realtor is your resource…appreciate them and refer to them whenever a real estate question may arise. They are knowledgeable and will educate you about the process and what to expect. They have experience, so trust them to walk the talk, stay connected and deliver world class service. LISTEN to them, take them seriously and do as they say because they know what they are doing.

Give a compliment, an acknowledgement, an accolade for their great service.

It’s not easy being a realtor…responding 24/7, staying on top of the market, coordinating transactions, following trends, liking, tweeting and posting on social media, determining value, communicating with clients, consulting about value, developing marketing strategy, targeting prospects, driving from place to place taking care of our fiduciary responsibilities with the utmost due diligence…and we love it and are passionate about what we do! We are valuable assets within your life because we answer your questions and are aware of what’s going on in the industry. We advocate for you. We have your best interest above all else. We got what you need…


Café Realty is a real estate brokerage, consulting and valuation services company representing sellers, buyers and investors for all their real estate needs residential and commercial. Now serving Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and the Bronx. Referrals worldwide. Contact us www.Cafe.Realtor 914.302.7792

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