Where do I go from here? Event Summary

September 12 was Café Realty’s first panel helping consumers navigate through the daunting process of preparing to make a move. We spoke about how preparation is a threefold process, step 1 preparing your mind and establish a detached mindset, step 2  get your financial and legal house in order and step 3  prepare the home.

This event provided resources for all the steps but most importantly addressed the question where do I go from here? Start with an end in mind and find happiness in your next (maybe final?) move. Is it NYC life, over 55 community, upstate cabin life, water view, golf, nearby family, transportation, airport, highway? More social life, recreation, culture, art, music, farms, food? A property with a view? 2 properties…1 north, 1 south? All things to consider since this may be your “forever home”.

During this event I heard this phrase for the first time “orphan elders” and thought…wow that is a reality. Willful seniors hanging on to their homes who have no caregivers or family to handle their affairs. “How can we help people with a problem they may not know they have?”. It takes a team and Cafe Realty has vetted many of the resources necessary as options when making a move.

The feeling in the room was mutual, the topic where do I from here is something that needs attention. There are many decisions that need to be addressed. Assistance from the right professionals is available. Financial planner, elder law attorney, real estate broker, organizer, mover and many more!

For a private consultation and presentation of resources and options contact Elisa Bruno-Midili, 914-230-0650 direct or Elisa@CafeRealtyNY.com.

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