Making a move? Where do you go from here?

It was a personal Journey that led me to these questions:

Making a move? Where do I go from here?

I am a baby boomer, my children have moved on and are settled with their lives in a different state, my taxes are high, my property is a maintenance nightmare, privacy is an issue, so where do I go from here?

Things that may affect my decision to make a move are my children my health my lifestyle, the proximity to certain areas of recreation, the view from my next home, a low maintenance living situation, a high passion for loving my home, closeness to the abundance of locally grown foods and handcrafted beverages, cheese and breads and finally natural beauty and resources.

Other factors may be transportation, access to highways and airports, social interaction, walkability, golf courses, lakes, rivers, mountains, community events, near family.

What is your liking? An over 55 community? A second home? A rental? 2 rentals (one up north and one down south)? Assisted living? The city? The country? A warm climate? A mindset of readiness and advance preparation will put you at ease which will allow you to see beyond the now.

The seminar on September 12 at the Mount Kisco Public Library may answer your questions and reduce the stress and give you piece of mind when things seem overwhelming, confusing or uncertain.  Join us and bring your questions, problems and unique situations. This is a guide with resources and options for your next move!

Elisa Bruno Midili is a co-founder/partner and marketing strategist for Cafe Realty. She is a local guide and 32 year expert in the real estate industry.  Search for real estate like a pro at Cafe Realty NY

making a move

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