The Truth about Real Estate: Friends and Family as Clients

friends-family_aA first person view about why friends and family are reluctant to do business with you.

I’m not sure what it is that makes friends and family so squeamish about consulting with me when it comes time to think about a real estate transaction. Here are some possibilities that are up for debate:

  • Trustworthiness? Your best interest is always first. If you don’t trust me then I understand.
  • Confidential Information? This is never shared nor are you judged.
  • Will we be on good terms after this transaction? I will guarantee a mutual understanding of the process and your transition. Listening to the experts is critical to a successful transaction.
  • Lack of expertise? After 30 years and 10,000+ hours, I believe I have a reached mastery level. Who better to entrust the largest monetary expenditure of a lifetime?
  • Is it the money? (aka”you are making money off me!) Look at it this way, yes this is my livelihood however friends and family are first and I would never take advantage of our relationship.
  • You are not in my area! Relocation is a large part of my business, I can help you choose a like-minded real estate agent anywhere.
  • I didn’t want to bother you! Don’t assume, really, it’s no bother, it’s what I do every day.
  • Your company is not a big brokerage! No, we are not. Cafe Realty was born out of need to elevate the standards of the practice of real estate.  What makes us different sets us and you apart. We are agile, adaptable and responsive.
  • Fearful that you will make a mistake OR that it will be a great experience? Communication of expectations is set. If your experience is less than stellar it’s probably because you didn’t listen. We stand behind everything we do and take responsibility.

The bottom line is that the first priority is to EDUCATE, ADVOCATE & REPRESENT, money is always secondary and a direct result of the dedication and industry engagement on how to best serve clients. There is no convincing arguments here so your complete understanding of WHAT I do and WHY I do it are essential. Please inform me if one of these situations exist so that I will be aware in order to learn.

TRUTH: There is no one better to consult than your friend who is a  30 year veteran of the industry, learning and engaging daily to assist you with a wholistic real estate approach. Understanding your needs, educating you about the market, the marketing, logistics,  and representing you in the process and finally the transition.

It is my pleasure to serve you and your real estate needs. There are many ways to contact me, call, text, email, social media.

Cafe Realty is a hand-crafted, small batch, privately owned, boutique Real Estate Company offering highly specialized, high-tech, personal service for sellers, buyers and investors. Ask us how we can offer you the world class service you deserve.

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