Real Estate Past

Originally written on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 11:54 PM

Remember real estate without Facebook, Zillow and Trulia…no Linkedin YouTube or Twitter? How did we recognize, promote and make our news known to the public? How did we engage? It wasn’t quite so immediate…gratification was not so instant. There was a waiting period for the announcement that you made it to agent of the month or that you landed that spectacular listing or that you were having an open house. Deadlines for publications were missed and that property did not get advertised. Is our world of technology propelling us to new heights or confusing the crap out of us all? We now need  social media managers to be social to make sure we are the first on Facebook to start a trend and the next best thing to sliced bread or just a picture of the dog.

Is it accolades we desire or passion that we promote? Pause for a moment to remember how different the real estate industry is today and reflect on the effect of social media mania. This is written by a true social media student and no stranger to real estate past.

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