Real Estate and Beyond…

The role of a Realtor is often one that is stereotypical. Simply stated a fiduciary representative of a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction. With this role comes great responsibility…confidentiality, reasonable care and diligence, loyalty, disclosure, obedience, accounting. Click on this link to see a concise explanation of these duties.$File/NARFiduciaryDutyHandout2013.pdf

While adhering to the law, code of ethics, brokerage guidelines and the transaction we often lose sight of what our real purpose is…to serve the public by educating and advocating for them. To be a partner in that transaction and to be mindful of the people involved, to truly represent clients to the best of our ability without attachment to the monetary outcome.

The focus at Café Realty is to deliver the best possible price and terms to our clients for the sale, purchase or lease of real estate. The mission is to cooperate and collaborate with our colleagues in a productive, courteous and ethical manner that furthers the objectives and promotes the high standards of the Realtor Code of Ethics.$file/r_coe-pledge-of-performance.pdf

We are committed to serve the community through our real estate brokerage/valuation/consultation services, connect people to resources and have a cup of coffee with you!

Watch for Café Realty updates on how we will serve you with a freshly brewed approach!

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