A Lesson on Color

ORANGE – increases energy levels, is adventurous, spontaneous, motivating, extroverted, uninhibited, warm, youthful, impulsive, relates to gut instinct, has emotional strength, stimulates a 2 way conversation.

PURPLE – Selfless, unlimited, premium service, inspires intellectual thought, rebellious, intuitive, ambitious, self assured, sophisticated, powerful, creative, inventive, higher consciousness, harmony of mind, imagination, expands awareness.

There is effect of color on mood and unconscious thought. When associated with a brand/company/service elicits a sense of connectedness. The people bring these colors to life and share the transformation of talent to strength to serve others and evolve personally. Color is something absorbed by the mind, it’s unforgettable, it has impact.

Thank you to all who have commented on our new logo, the positive response is delightful…

cafe realty jpeg


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