Guide to a Stress-Free Moving Experience: 10 Tips from a Real Estate Pro 

Your home is your castle, your abode, your domicile, the place you go to when you seek shelter, comfort and solitude. You may be thinking of selling because it’s too much maintenance, the taxes are too high, your lifestyle has changed, your kids have moved out?

“Change the way you look at things and
the things you look at change.”

When getting ready an important thing to realize is that the only good time to put your home on the market is when you are ready. The market has its seasonal cycles, holiday gyrations and Super Bowl Sunday myths but you are the only one who can make the mental and emotional decision to move. When you do you are half way there. Mindset is the first and foremost thing that must change in order to be successful the rest of the way.

It’s also good to know where you will go! When you have a destination in mind  and can visualize the kind of lifestyle you desire. Where do you want  to go? What do you want to be near? What kind of weather is best for you?

So after your mind is set on moving you may want to consider the following tips:

  1. Do speak to an expert Realtor for market trends and values in your area to get an idea of what your options are for selling.  Your Realtor is your guide, a communication channel and a resource for all of your real estate needs, questions and problems.
  2. Do consult your financial planner, accountant and/or attorney to discuss the financial impact this decision will have for you.  RESOURCE
  3. Look around…are you surrounded by years of collections, furniture and your kids’ stuff?  Make 3 lists: 1. DONATE/GIVEAWAY 2. SELL 3. TRASH. Whatever is left, take it with you and since you have decided to move pack that extra stuff away and store discretely in the home or off-site. RESOURCE and
  4. Check with your city or town to be sure everything is legal:  additions, decks/patios, finished basements/attics, fireplaces/wood burning stoves, pools/hot tubs, oil tank removal paperwork. The building department should have the documents on file. Just because you bought it that way does not mean it won’t be a problem now. RESOURCE 
  5. Check to be sure everything is up to code and safety standards: railings, deck and stairway spindles, smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors, electrical outlets, fireproof sheetrock over heating system, steel door in utility room, ventilation, electrical connections, mold in basements/attics, GFCI outlets, peeling paint, broken, windows, leaking roof, underground oil tank. A pre-inspection will uncover things that may need repair. RESOURCE and
  6. Replace lose deck boards, patio stones, walkway railings, pool fence enclosures, light bulbs, hardware, HVAC filters, broken screens, non-working appliances.
  7. De-clutter by packing items that you are not using: personal photos, holiday décor, extra knick knacks, souvenirs, religious items. The goal is to make the place as inviting and neutral as possible with some flair.
  8. Contact a professional stager for advice about furniture placement, paint colors, wood flooring stain, carpeting, window treatments, lighting and accessory placement. Paint does wonders for any room! RESOURCE and
  9. You only have one chance to make a good impression, the curb appeal consists of landscaping, the front door and an overall feeling when a buyer drives up to the house. Put away hoses, garbage/recycling bins, toys, remove dead/artificial plants. Decorate seasonally and simply.
  10. Always speak with your Realtor before starting any project, an expert will know if your expense will be worth your time, money and energy.

The intention is to create a near perfect condition situation to obtain the highest value producing stunning photos and video. The better it looks the more attractive it will be. The more attractive the more interest and that means possible multiple offers and more profit for you!  Your agent may be experienced in helping with the staging but if it needs a face lift for optimal value then a stager consult is an inexpensive and valuable resource.

Need assistance for a loved one who may need extra help? RESOURCE

These are some pre-listing preparation tips to encourage you to get started before you choose your moving timeline,  logistics and ultimately the agent who will represent you. If you like what you are reading in this blog please contact me for a consultation about selling your home. I am your guide to a stress-free moving experience.  

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