A Cafe Realty Christmas 2018

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house

 Café Realty is working as quiet as a mouse

We educate, advocate, innovate because we care

In hopes that our clients are satisfied beyond compare

Our agents are experts and ready to connect

While visions of strategy and logistics are checked

We’re Realtors, we’re humans and we’re here to stay

we list and we sell all night and all day

Mount Kisco’s our home but we’ll come to your town

wherever it is whether upstate or decidedly  down

Sellers and buyers we do represent,

 it’s our business and we can also help  rent

Now Michael, now Kathy, now Jenny and Ron

On Linda,  on Rita, on Lisa, and Josephine

To referrals from Christine,  Doug and Lucille

Or Rich, or  Steve or Samantha, it’s all real

With Carol and Walter, the team always goes,

to areas of Westchester one always knows.

Elisa has valuation and marketing strength

To show you innovation and promotion at length

The team’s always ready, we’re sharp and astute

to solve all your problems of real estate poop

The response is so quick we communicate fully,

keeping you informed of our fiduciary duty

We share and we tweet, like, follow and post,

social media is the way we advertise most

Give us a call, or email or text

and we’ll show you how a small brokerage is best

Community’s the thing that makes us so happy, 

Connecting you with your lifestyle so snappy

Christimas is a time we reflect on the past

And look to the future for moments that last

So when you are celebrating all over the land 

Merry Christmas to all from the Cafe Realty brand!