For 2016

  • Awareness, let this be #1 for a lifetime of understanding.
  • Cooperating agents please educate yourselves daily so that you are not viewed as incompetent and cause other agents to say  “shit, no not that agent” .
  • Food wizard keep up the good work, the local Hudson Valley scene is quite abundant and #1 reason for people to live here.
  • Beverage gods, you are tops with all the beer, wine and spirits made in this great state (NY), you make Realtors very happy!
  • Hudson River, a majestic view, a guide, a treasure and reveled by all you support it, live on it…we love you!
  • Language fairy please blow some pixie dust on those who butcher it regularly and teach them the difference between to/too/two, then/than, your/you’re and so many more…
  • Calling all listeners, clients everywhere this means you, it will make a world of difference, just do it!
  • Community, continue to connect us…relationships rule!
  • Educators of all types, on all levels, be our guide and teach us something new each day.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous NEW YEAR!

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