The Trending Café 2015…Westchester|Putnam|Dutchess|Bronx Real Estate

As 2015 begins to unfold certain trends will take hold. Trends to watch will prove to stimulate, an industry dependent on people to motivate. So read this my friends and become aware, of your clients needs and share…

  • “Millenials” – a generational group that has potential to dominate the first time home buyer market. The generation to shape the future of real estate…children of boomers, highly connected and motivated 20-30 somethings. They are tech savvy, money conscious and love opportunity. They will be responsible for long term growth and a housing recovery. Currently they have tight credit due to student loan debt which has delayed marriage and starting a family. How to Motivate Millenials Click Here
  • “Baby Boomers” – a generational group fueling the real estate market by downsizing their housing according to lifestyle and not necessarily according to their finances. They search for low maintenance homes that offer amenities and convenience. Baby Boomers Fuel the Market
  • “Walkable Communities” – an attribute within a community that will cause buyers to be attracted to them. Both millenials and baby boomers will choose these types of communities. Live/work/play and walk to all.
  • FHA Mortgage Insurance premium reduction – this action will further fuel the 2015 housing sales predictions. Sales expected to rise 16% nationally in 2015. FHA to lower MIP rate


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