The Simple Practice of Gratitude…

Practice gratitude daily…it’s a simple way to share your love and awareness with those who love you…

  1. Say “thank you” for everything that is done for you no matter how small, it sends waves of positive energy
  2. Acknowledge with all 5 senses…the recipient will be delighted
  3. Remember the sense of touch, it is critical for connection
  4. Appreciate others for who they are, for what they do, and please communicate it in words…out loud and often
  5. Be aware of how you react when you are complimented…be reciprocal
  6. Always be a gracious guest and honor your host with something no matter how small…wine, cheese, bread, chocolate, flowers…something that says you are grateful for their hospitality
  7. Smile and share the love

When it comes to gratitude practice it daily with care, mindfulness, and intention…


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