NOW or NEXT?: Prepare Your Home for Sale NOW (or wait until Spring)

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Should I list my home now or do I wait until next spring?  When is the best time to list my home? These are questions that are commonly asked by homeowners of their Realtor.

When preparing to sell your home the best time is when you are ready mentally, financially and physically. The market is cyclical and there are always buyers out there regardless of the season. Timing is everything and spring is where the most activity takes place however due to low inventory and high buyer demand the fall/winter is also a great time to sell.

Let’s talk about preparing mentally. Once a homeowner decides that they are ready to sell due to change in lifestyle (downsizing, upgrading) the most difficult decision is at hand. Congratulations you made the decision to make a transition!  The mindset of a homeowner turns into the mindset of a seller, what was once a home is now a house. Preparations can now begin to get the house in prime condition for maximum market value.

And now for preparing financially. Always consult with your financial planner and accountant for how your sale will impact your financial landscape. This conversation allows for you to move forward without the guesswork of how the sale will affect your taxes, savings and future.

Lastly, the physical move, often a time of stress, worry and uncertainty. Your Realtor is your guide for a smooth, stress-free experience and if you listen carefully and heed their  knowledge, vast wisdom and strategy your transition becomes a delightful experience.

The 5 Ps of The Cafe Realty Listing Program helps seller clients with a complete guide to the HOW TOs of listing your home for sale.

  1. PREPARE – mindset and home preparation is the foundation to maximize value and create a place for a buyer to imagine themselves in
  2. PRICING – strategically crafted, diligently researched and expertly explained
  3. PAPERWORK – agreement, expectations and groundwork to begin the process
  4. PREMARKETING – position the property to receive ample Buzz
  5. POSITIONING (in the market) – Fill the room with more than just one buyer and orchestrate it to a successful sale. The goal of the marketing is multiple buyers bidding simultaneously.

Want to know more about when you should list? Want to know more about the 5Ps and how they get you more in less time? Cafe Realty is available for seller consultations throughout the fall, winter and at any time of the year. 914.666.7792 or

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