Listing Appointment Follow Up

A critical part of our role as a Realtor is to educate, advocate and represent our clients. Listening, understanding and taking copious notes allows for complete perspective of the client’s needs and wants. Creating a scenario where options are given and a decision can be made empowers the client. The Realtor’s confidence and competence contributes to the relationship building exercise necessary for the great partnership called fiduciary. Follow up is where world class service lives!

Here is a follow up email that was recently sent to a seller client:

Greetings Dawn and Mike!

It was a pleasure to meet you on Friday to discuss your options for selling your home in Amenia. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your real estate needs. Our team delivers world class service custom tailored specifically for you. As a team we aim to educate, represent and advocate for you during the process. We are here to guide you through and to be a resource.

As a follow up to our get together here are some of the points to consider prior to putting your home on the market:

~De-clutter – pack away things that you will not need and stage them in an area of the basement. Less is best when buyers are viewing the home, they will be able to visualize their “stuff” in the house
~De-personalize – remove most family photos and anything that will distract a buyer’s attention from the house itself
~Neutalize/minimize pet odor as best as possible
~Avoid air fresheners if possible, instead use natural products (see attached)
~Remove any dead or artificial plants/flowers
~Repair/paint any areas of the ceilings and/or walls that have peeling paint or that are cracked
~Install steps on the side of the front porch that will open access out onto the side yard and prevent a falling accident
~The front of the house will tell a story, keep it maintained and seasonally decorated
~Organize all closets and store items out of sight in all rooms
~Look for house history that you may have
~Look for title, deed, survey, certificates of occupancy, building permits and other pertinent documents that will assist us in an accurate representation of your home
~Have an extra key ready
~Create a list of all appliances, fixtures, window treatment that are either included or excluded. Do not include any personal property.
~Compile utility costs for oil, electric, water, gas, landscaping, snow removal and any other costs necessary to maintain the home
~Have receipts available from any improvements made

We will confirm taxes and obtain necessary documents from town hall. I will create a descriptive narrative that will be used on the multiple listing service (short version) and in all advertising (long version). Our target for on the market is no later than Oct 15 to capture fall traffic, we will reconvene prior to discuss photography and paperwork.

Contact me with any questions. Thank you again, we look forward to working with you!

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