big box…little box

is that what we  are reduced to??? you are either a big box corporate real estate company or you are a small independent firm.

big box says I’m bigger, faster, stronger…I have more, better, longer, stronger

little box says follow me I’m creative, free, innovative, unencumbered…I’m fascinating, compelling, attractive

So much has been said about the differing styles of real estate practice and yes there is crossover, I’m positive that small vs large are capable of serving consumers with the education necessary to gain knowledge, decipher options and make a decision.

Regardless, we are ambassadors of an industry founded on ethics. We are advocates of people not just an agent/agency that wants to make a deal. We are responsible for our professionalism, we are followers of Real Estate law and Realtor ethics. We eat, sleep, breathe CCLOAD, we are fair, we provide opportunity, we are high level thinkers, we are diverse.

COLLABORATION is near…reach out and be a part of something. Coordinate a transaction, fulfill a need, facilitate and smile about it. We are not in competition with you, we are in cooperation with you. Remember to give each other the courtesy, the consideration, the respect and acknowledgement we all need to serve the public.

big box…little box what will you choose??? it’s all the same, we have the same tools, the same internet, the same ability to promote, represent, market. Because we are different in structure there is no difference in our mission to be a resource, to educate, to advocate…

vive la différence

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