Housing Affordability Solutions

The #1 homebuyer obstacle is affordability followed by discrimination, mortgage access and agent performance according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) latest consumer survey. Measures are being taken to reduce these barriers by NAR so that the economy can thrive.  Affordability in the housing market is of great concern. Rising rates, low inventory and…

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What a Buyer Should Expect from Their Realtor

What should a buyer expect from their Realtor? A Realtor is hired to represent a buyer in the purchase of what very well could be the largest asset of their life, so what is expected? Firstly, understand that the Realtor/buyer relationship is a partnership and there is a team necessary to complete the process. Buyer,…

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11 Hyper Local Real Estate Trends with Café Realty

Cafe Realty

Cafe Realty’s Listing Specialist & Marketing Strategist explains 11 hyper local real estate trends. Here we are at almost mid year and 2018 is the year where hyperlocal real estate data and clear understanding of the people and process involved are front and center stage. Stay aware…Pay attention… Stay up-to-date with the latest from the…

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