Real Estate and the Mercury Retrograde

How does the old saying go??? It’s always something…As Realtors we are bound by law and ethics to represent our clients’ interest above all else. We serve their needs, listen, educate, do the best we possibly can to promote listings, interpret the market and bring great value to their real estate objectives.

On the other hand there is the market…we don’t make it, we interpret it to the best of our ability and perhaps to a fault at times. We are not in control of what happens however we are in control of how we react. Timing plays a major role in how our career called real estate unfolds.

With every season there is a reason to sell/buy/invest/rent. With every season there is an excuse why properties don’t sell. We have a unique ability to “blame” certain things about the real estate market on the time of year and even events that happen throughout the year. All I’m sure you have heard it all by now…it’s the holidays, wait til spring, after the Super Bowl, it’s Mother’s Day, its Father’s Day, graduation, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s raining and now it’s appropriate to say it’s the Mercury Retrograde.

Oh those pesky excuses…this is a new (old) one. It is said that the retrograde has an effect on life with Mercury’s optical illusion of appearing to stop and move backward producing profound occurrences. I am intrigued by this notion and will attempt to make the real estate connection.

Is it one of those times where we will use it as an excuse? Or is it too esoteric? I am apt to believe that the retrograde is more likely to influence a real estate transaction than a holiday or the weather???

It has an heir of fate, mystery, and raises the question, “Am I making the right decision” to sell/purchase/invest/rent??? Does Mercury and its time of fated events play a role in the outcome of  a transaction? Intuition may need to take over here since it plays a big part in our everyday lives and becomes keenly acute with this happening.

It is a time of contemplation, resolve, emotional dimension and the return of ideas…you may see that a new direction takes place or an old idea resurfaces. View this as a time of reflection, slow down with the retrograde, bask in the backspin, search deep to bring forth the new. And for real estate be aware of your timing use all your excuses as reasons to move forward.

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