dEAD dOG pARK, a play by Barry Malawer

Dead Dog Park opened last night, in previews at the 59E59 Theatre, to a sold out crowd, this is Barry’s 4th play. It was no ordinary day for police officers Rob McDonald and Ricky Romero as the play opens. This 70 minute production unfolds, the intensity grows and the  6 actors, under the direction of Eric Tucker,  present a riveting and compelling performance. The combination of the talents of both Mr Malawer and Mr Tucker have given this production emotion, suspense and an opportunity for the audience to answer the question…what just happened. Innocence, guilt, blame, judgement, revenge, pride…

Barry’s family and friends came from near and far to be a part of his first off Broadway production, he is officially a “playwright”. Congratulations my friend, you have put your heart and soul into your writing and my very best for continued success!

Dead Dog Park runs until March 6, 2016 #DeadDogPark @59E59.

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