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A Real Estate Pro Can Empower, A Real Estate Con Can Enable Why does it matter and what’s the difference?

The argument could be made that simply enabling a client to move through a transaction is a far cry from meeting fiduciary responsibility, let alone delivering world class service. While the client has the final say in any decision making, are they making that decision based on your ability to enable them or your ability to empower them.

The fine line between enable and empower can be best explained and simply broken down by understanding the most basic of REAL ESTATE PRACTICE… The Real Estate Agents Fiduciary Responsibility to deliver CARE, CONFIDENTIALITY, LOYALTY, OBEDIENCE, ACCOUNTABILITY & DISCLOSURE.

While it may suffice to enable clients and deliver all of these responsibilities with a facade of CARE… It takes a real professional with the ability to empower a client that can deliver the full suite of Fiduciary Responsibility including CARECARE is the vital ingredient that is so often misunderstood and loosely defined that it alone can be the difference between Responsibility and Irresponsibility. It is worth mentioning that this is not a guarantee to be brought before a hearing panel or other sanctioning body for failure to empower a client, however, would you want it left to the interpretation of a governing body, whom are looking to protect the public from irresponsible agents, as to what their definition of CARE is???

CARE is much more than Maintaining a perpetual vow of silence regarding your clients info(Confidentiality); Informing your clients of any pertinent information in a timely fashion(Disclosure); Doing what your client asks you to (legally)(Obedience); Being on your client’s side without falter(Loyalty) & Maintaining meticulous records of the whole process(Accountability)… 

CARE demands your full attention to the little details, to listen for the things your client doesn’t say. To ask the tough questions and arrive at a place of complete understanding.

CARE necessitates that you educate your client so they are informed at all times and that you share the things they may not want to hear but that they need to hear and understand.

CARE is instilling confidence in your client to move forward when it’s appropriate on the best deal and walk away from all the rest when it’s not.

CARE is your ability to be authentic and as an “Agent – Professional – Fiduciary” to facilitate your clients fulfilling their true needs and desires after you have empowered them to understand exactly what those needs and desires are and how they will ascertain them in the best possible way.

CARE – Clients Are Really Empowered

Only a Con “CanE n able”

Walter Sadowski – NYS Licensed Associate Broker – “A Complete Moving Experience”

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