About Real Estate and Being Creative


Steve Jobs once said “creativity is just connecting things”. And through the ages many have searched high and low for the meaning and source of creativity.. We look for the process, the method, the HOW do we become creative, HOW does an idea begin…

If creativity is indeed just connecting things then the real estate industry is the premiere creative outlet. Not that our process is creative or our clients are creative, it is the very basic activity of introducing a person to a property, the moment of connection, that this creative process begins.

Agreed, the industry is controlled by many factors such as laws, ethics, and protocol but don’t let that stop you from using your intuition, unconsciousness and knowledge to create unique ideas.

Are the traditional outlets for creativity like painting, drawing, writing, dancing the only means by which to express our creative selves?  Perhaps we need to view our role as a Realtor with the richness of a master artist contributing ideas to a world of clients who wait to receive our gift.

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