11 Hyper Local Real Estate Trends with Café Realty

Cafe Realty

Cafe Realty’s Listing Specialist & Marketing Strategist explains 11 hyper local real estate trends. Here we are at almost mid year and 2018 is the year where hyperlocal real estate data and clear understanding of the people and process involved are front and center stage. Stay aware…Pay attention… Stay up-to-date with the latest from the…

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Your Realtor as Your Wingman

wing·man ˈwiNGˌman,ˈwiNGmən/ noun –  a person who helps, guides or supports another…   My first blog of the new year is dedicated to all the hardworking, dedicated, fulltime Realtors who are truly concerned about people and always put their clients best interest above all else! Raise the bar and shine! New York State has about 52,000…

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