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Avalon Communities


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Avalon has created three distinct apartment community brands based on a deep knowledge of their customers and what they are looking for in an apartment living experience. Their three offerings – Avalon, AVA and eaves by Avalon – allow to address different needs of the renter market, more deeply penetrate the core markets, reach new customers, and better serve existing residents.

Avalon: lets you live modern, with apartments that give you all the pleasures of home with none of the hassles of ownership. It’s the features you want and the freedom to enjoy them.

AVA: This isn’t just some place to live. This is where you want to be. Where the streets outside your door inspire and the comforts of home recharge you for what’s next. Addressed to impress with an understated cool that is all you.

Eaves by Avalon: You have responsibilities and priorities. That means making smart choices when it comes to how and where you live. After all, more important than getting “the works” is finding a place and a space that works for you. See where being all smart and sensible can get you.